Top 3 Best Employee Monitoring Software Products

Managing an enterprise can be fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. The list of things you need to monitor goes on and on. To name a few, we have employee productivity, company security, access limitations, and etc.


The good news is, we now have work-computer-monitoring programs to lend a hand. These highly ingenious software products can help you perform and maximize supervision without  the need to manually check on the individual desks or work stations of your subordinates.


But with multiple brands available, deciding which one to purchase and determining whether or not it will suit your business needs can be a tough job.


So to provide you with additional insight, we conducted a quick research and put together some substantial details of the top 3 employee monitoring tools  available in the market today.


#1  VERIATO 360

The key component that makes Veriato better than its competitors aside from the user friendly interface is the number of powerful monitoring features you can perform with one single software, plus it’s accessible through any web-enabled device including smartphones, laptop or desktop computer.


Veriato 360 can track and monitor employee chat and email correspondence to make sure no company confidential files or information are shared  to unauthorized contacts.


The software also gives optimized website monitoring, allowing you to block certain URLs  and create prompts whenever employees try to access them. Another feature provides notifications every time files are deleted, downloaded, uploaded or sent using the company computer.



Unlike other computer monitoring software that does not track social media access, NETVIZOR  provides comprehensive reports and alerts every time an employee tries to access any social media sites. This gives employers visibility of their employee activity and all data being shared therefore enhancing security.  NetVizor also have employee attendance tracking, it shows  the amount of time they actually spent working and how long they’ve been idle. Another feature allows you to switch from silent mode to transparent monitoring whenever you want to. This means you get to choose whether or not to let your employees know they are being watched.



Taking the third spot is STAFFCOP,  this software provides thorough access log reporting.


The reports  include websites employees are opening, how long they actually stay on that site and even includes the visit frequency. This feature aids employers  in assessing  time management amongst their employees.


Another standout feature is, it allows you to monitor PC activity which will reveal how well employees utilize company provided  tools such as accounting software, marketing solutions and other applications relevant to the task provided.


Although tracking employee attendance is one of the feature that STAFFCOP does not offer, the rest of  the critical functionalities such as, file transfer notifications, website blocking, remote monitoring, USB transfer blocking are all part of the things that it can do.



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