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Tools to Maximize your Virtual Assistant’s Productivity

So you finally gave outsourcing a try, now you have a team of highly skilled Virtual Assistants ready to start on their individual projects. The next question is, how do you help them maximize their  productivity?
There are tons of tools and software you can choose from actually. Allow us to give a quick overview of  these technological innovations for a head start.


Online Communication Tools

When working with staff offshore, maintaining regular communication can be costly. But with the help of free online communication tools like SKYPE,Google Hangout, GotoMeeting, etc. you can keep in touch with your virtual staff 24/7 without having to worry about international call rates.


File Sharing Tools

Let’s take DROPBOX as an example, it  is an online storage software that allows you to store and download files, documents, timesheets, videos and  photos which your Virtual Assistants can directly access from their end without having to literally download it to their own PC. This makes file sharing faster and easier compared to the old way of sending through email attachments. Google Drive and are other file sharing tools you can also check out.


Project Management Tools

When delegating tasks, updating progress and overlooking the entire operation, you can utilize project management tools. With Trello for example, you can create cards and write the details of the tasks, its description and tag the name of the Virtual Assistants you are assigning it to. That same person then moves the cards from in-progress to completed when its done so you get notified when it’s time to approve the final work output. Other Virtual Assistants in the same team can also view the progress of each task so it gives everybody the opportunity to follow through accordingly and perhaps seek or offer assistance when needed.
Online Training Tools –  Preparing employees for their new workload can be a hassle especially when you can’t teach them in person. In this case, online training tools can be of great help. Teamviewer is one of the widely used web conferencing tool in the present times, it enables desktop view and file sharing between computers. This is mostly beneficial if you need to show your newly hired Virtual Assistant how to navigate and  use existing applications since you can share your screen with them. There is also MINDMEISTER which is a collaborative  online mind mapping tool accessible through mobile phones. Other tools like  JING and SNAG IT  are also available.

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