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the cost of a virtual assistant versus an employee

The Cost of a Virtual Assistant Versus an Employee

It’s often said that hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you money. But how exactly does it save you money to work with someone remotely? Surely the efficiency of having constant communication with someone on-site outweighs the cost of full-time employees, right?

While that could be the case with your engineers or developers, a Virtual Assistant is fully capable of doing the work you assign to them from wherever they are. If you’re still not convinced of how much money a Virtual Assistant can save you, then keep on reading.

Hourly Rates

While you’d normally pay an employee for their (typically) 9 to 5 schedule plus overtime if that’s in the contract, you normally pay a VA by the hour. That means if the work is done in less time, then that’s it. You don’t waste any money with employees that could potentially be slacking off or using their hours for non work-related things.

Even if a VA charges by project, you’re paying the exact same amount whether it takes 3 or 20 hours to complete. And unlike a regular employee, a VA won’t get paid until they complete the project, making them work harder and faster to earn that paycheck.

The Cost of Productivity

Back on the subject of slacking off, do you know exactly how much time an employee can waste in a day? Apart from coming in late or clocking out early, there are loads of in-between procrastinations that add up to a surprising amount of downtime.

Your employees could be using their office computers for personal emails or for lounging around social media. They could be going on extended breaks to run errands in the middle of the day. Or they could simply just be too into office chatter and not get any work done through all the gossip.

A VA doesn’t have all these distractions, and even if they do, they’re not indulging them on your time, using your equipment.

Overhead Costs

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Think about the amount of money you spend for renting office space, electricity, utilities, or even just something like your training program and the free donuts new employees get during first day orientation.

Now think about not spending for any of that when it comes to a VA. Sure, you still have to train them to use your systems, but they’re not going to be using your power, your computer, and they don’t even need a space in your office.

So what are you waiting for? Save that money while saving yourself from a few headaches by hiring that Virtual Assistant you’ve always wanted!

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