How To Organize Your Virtual Assistant’s Schedule

When hiring virtual assistants for your business, schedule management can be one of the major challenges. The fact that your Virtual Assistants are not physically within your reach, monitoring their attendance and  productivity can take so much time which will eventually defeat the purpose of hiring them in the first place.


Let us briefly go through some options you can take to make scheduling less stressful for you.


Make use of a scheduling software. These web based application packed with awesome functionalities can make schedule management a lot easier.


Some of the many things you can do with a scheduling software includes payroll approval and crediting, human resources management and schedule plotting.


To name one of the many top rated schedule management software nowadays, we have SHIFTPLANNING. Its improved accessibility which allow user access through all internet enabled devices, makes this software standout from the rest.


On top of its usual features, it allows employees to view their schedules real time through their mobile devices and with your approval, they can even do shift swapping with colleagues. The company takes great pride in  their excellent customer service team readily available to provide support whenever needed.  Now that’s one great product!


But if you want do it the old school way, by all means do so. Depending on the number of VAs you have and the task you assign to them, manual scheduling is actually feasible.


With the help of some basic online apps you can create a work tracker and instructional guides  that your VAs can see and update from their end. But by the definition, it will be manual. Unlike working with a scheduling software, manual schedule management needs constant update and monitoring.


Let’s take Google Docs as an example of an online tool you can use in replacement of schedule monitoring software, it has an excel sheet you can utilize for attendance tracking, workload and task assignment while the word document can be used to make step by step instructions. It has auto save functionality so you don’t have to worry about  losing your files. You can also control the type of access granted to your VAs by setting it accordingly prior to sharing the link of the document.


To make the entire system work  efficiently whether you choose to have scheduling monitoring software, do it manually or combine both; it is critical to set clear deadlines, set reasonable policies and be in constant communication with your virtual employees.


Because regardless of how effective your scheduling software is or how well prepared your manual timesheets are, if the implementation is poor then you can’t expect exceptional results.


Bottom Line is, you don’t have to do it alone. In this recent times when almost everything can be done virtually,all the help you need in managing your employee scheduling needs is just one click away.

Catherine Gordo
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