How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

Whether it’s your first time to land a job or looking forward to the annual performance review, it is consequential to include salary negotiation to your list of things to research about. Although it  can sometimes be uncomfortable, with a few tricks up your sleeves the chances of getting what you want is huge.
Here are few tips to provide you with additional insight while you get ready for that nerve-racking conversation with your clients or boss.


  1. Be Inquisitive

Once the compensation package is presented to you, it is essential to ask questions about the inclusions. While it is tempting to base the negotiation solely on the monetary value, some companies invest in the benefits they provide to their employees. A company funded health insurance that provides maximum coverage for you and your beneficiary may just be as good as adding a few thousands to your basic rate.


  1. Set your Goal

When you ask for more than what the company is offering, you have to be explicit. You can’t just disagree and expect the interviewer to alter the offer according to how you want it to be. State what you want and back it up with credible facts, include highlighting your qualifications and skills to justify the reason of your attempt to negotiate. Gather up additional information by researching and asking your friends and family members  who knows about the company, the job post and the generic rate for the position.


  1.  Maintain Corporate Etiquette

Even when you receive an offer lower than what you expected, do not display any signs of disappointment. You still want the job and showing any signs of negativity about the initial proposal will greatly decrease your chances to succeed. Maintain professional tone all throughout the conversation.


  1. Be consistent and Positive

When discussing the details of your proposal, keep close attention to the critical details like the exact rate you are asking for, the basis of your request and the condition you are willing to accept together with the raise. These information are the key components you need to base all of your reasoning from. Do not be startled by any rebuttal your boss or your client  throws at you. Be firm and spontaneous.


  1. Review the Proposal

In most cases, compensation package is presented after you pass all the application process (for new hires) or after the annual review (for active employees). Don’t make quick decisions without weighing things intently and If you need more time to review the offer, politely ask a leeway  and get back promptly afterwards.


Catherine Gordo
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