Email Tricks That Will Save You a Ton of Time

Nowadays, emails have become a crucial part of our day to day errands. It enhances the way we send messages and communicate. However, if you find yourself spending almost half of your working time trying to sort out  and organize the contents of your inbox, the email hacks below should help.

Labels and Folders

Categorizing or labeling your emails does not only make it organized and pleasing to the eyes. It will also cut your reading time in half since you won’t have to scan through all the messages. Besides, nobody wants to play the stressful game of manually sorting out messages every time they reach your inbox. If you wish to see all emails from a specific sender or about a specific topic, creating a folder is  the way to go.

Create Rules

In addition to email labels, another great hack you can try to help you with email dilemma is creating rules. Imagine assigning individual and labeled boxes for all the stuff in your house you need to store somewhere. It will be so easy to find what you are looking for because you know exactly where to find them, well it works the same way for email rules. You can create a rule for each message you receive and depending on your settings the messages automatically goes to the folder or label assigned.

Canned Email responses

When you want to send personal replies to multiple recipients but have no time to individually formulate the messages, canned email responses will help you out. You can create your own initial response and when you need to send it to someone you just need to change the name and greeting to add the personal touch.

Use Mobile Applications

We can’t always be at our desk all the time and so having an email application you can install to your phone that allows you to check your messages real time is very convenient. You can typically do all email functionalities with your app and it’s very easy to use.

Avoid Email Subscriptions

Except if you really intend to subscribe, always be mindful of what you click or allow when you see a random pop up upon visiting a new site, blog or page. Most of the time, these emails from are not harmful but it can swarm your inbox and it’s frustrating. If in any case you accidentally agreed to a subscription, check the messages and see of you can unsubscribe to prevent additional emails from getting into your mailbox.

Catherine Gordo
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