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Email Etiquette Tips and Proper Practices

Email Etiquette: How to Do It Right

Nowadays, a lot of business is conducted online. Even if you work in the same office, an immense chunk of work correspondence runs through company email. That is why as a consummate professional, it’s your duty to know the do’s and don’t’s of email writing, so you don’t accidentally commit a forwarding faux pas.

A bad email can ruin your standing with an employer, a client, or worse, tarnish your reputation overall. A good email, aside from sending an actual message, also sends the message that you are well put together, organized, and trustworthy.

You may think you know how to write a good email, but you could be doing very simple and minor mistakes that are ruining your chances at doing business with others. Besides, even if you aren’t making mistakes, there’s always room for improvement and refinement.

That being said, here are a few tips in email etiquette to make sure your online social correspondence is on point and proper:

#1 Be nice

If you mind your manners in person, then it should translate to writing emails. Introduce yourself properly and have a formatted signature for business emails. Don’t discuss confidential information, air dirty laundry, or talk behind someone’s back via email. Lastly, try not to sound angry or condescending when you write.

#2 Write well

Grammar is everything when it comes to looking professional. Always check your emails for any typos or errors. If you’re not sure, check for proper word usage online. And when in doubt, just keep your emails simple. It’s not like you’re writing a flowery essay.

#3 Don’t take shortcuts

Nothing screams unprofessional more than an email with slang contractions, such as “u” in place of “you” or “gr8” in place of “great”. Keep your emails clean of any texting speech.

#4 Have a good subject line

Your subject line is the first thing anyone ever sees before even opening your email. Having an unprofessional subject line, such as one in all caps, will lead people to believe that you are spam. Have a clear, concise subject line that flows well with your email body.

#5 Be mindful of your attachments

When attaching files in your emails, inform your recipient if the file you want to send is rather large. Also, try not to overwhelm your recipient with too many attachments. If you really need to send that many, compress them all in a zip folder first.

#6 Complete your correspondence

Always consider who will be reading the email you’re sending, or who should be involved in the discussion. Sorting out your Cc and Bcc lines will save you untold amounts of time instead of endlessly forwarding and replying to different people.

Remember, your email writing is a reflection of yourself, so when it comes to talking business online, keep it clean and keep it classy.

Marco de Leon
Marco de Leon About the author
Marco de Leon is our resident wordsmith. Whether it’s spinning scintillating stories or penning poignant poetry in his spare time, Marco takes great pride in his attention to theme and overall narrative. And when it comes to blogging and web content creation, Marco doesn’t rest until he knows he’s worded something just right for the targeted audience. What does Marco do when he’s not writing copy? More writing! He’s a dedicated e-Sports journalist for the biggest game in the world, League of Legends. But if he had to pick three things to do if he didn’t write, it would definitely be dancing, rapping, or bar-tending.

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